What is the ME&USEUM?


The ME&USEUM was an immersive pop-up museum created at the Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP) in 2011 by Hiye Shin, Matt London, Michelle BoissonMick Hondlik, and Sheiva Rezvani.  In this one-night experience, participants were ushered 10 people at a time into a large transformed theatre space to explore a temporary museum about the group itself.  The museum’s content was determined by the shared anonymous stories of its participants, the 100 students of the class of 2013. The levels and types of engagement varied and was unique to each person.  This website is dedicated to the materials and stories produced by that one evening.


The ME&USEUM consisted of six color-coded installations that people could participate in, in a large dark room that they could explore with glowsticks they were given when they entered.  Each installation included a large prompt and a set of cards underneath it for people to add their responses. The prompts included:

The inspiration for the ME&USEUM came as physical manifestation of our collective response to a talk and presentation by Curtis Wong. As a group we felt strongly that “personal narratives and immersive environments create memorable experiences.”

We aimed to recreate all parts of that sentence.


In addition to the six installations we had a large “planetarium” for those who wanted a more passive form of participation.  We covered the stage with blankets and pillows so that people could lay back and stare up at a ceiling-wide projection of an animation of participants’ faces flying through space while playing ambient music that transformed the entire theatre.

We also had three easter eggs of experiences hidden through the evening.  The first was a photobooth outside of the space where participants could share a message as part of their photo.  The second was an impromptu reading of the cards by the hosts, creating an exquisite corpse and performance of a handful of the stories.  The third and final surprise was after the experience ended and participants went back to their bags, they each found a handwritten love letter written to them from us amongst their possessions.


Also, as hosts or tour guides, we wore sparkly bowties.  Does it get better than that?

Check out all the cards produced by the evening. Or see what ITP 2013 would say to its ten-year-old self, or how it would describe its first kiss, the craziest thing it’s ever done, what its biggest fears look like, or, lastly, what’s on the group’s bucket list.